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Common questions asked about domain names
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Article How do I report SPAM?
Plutus Hosting uses a blacklisting service to filter unsolicited e-mail, known as SpamCop. This service allows you to submit mail that is spam...
Views: 4900
Article Dangerous Attachments
The following file-types (email attachments) in this extension list are being blocked for delivery on all our mail servers. They all have a...
Views: 2137
Article What is an Auto Responder?
An auto responder is an automated reply to an incoming e-mail.  Thus, if you configure an auto responder on, say, your sales mailbox it might say...
Views: 1206
Article Can I have multiple domain names pointed to my current web site?
Yes, we can point additional domain names to your main account.
Views: 1103
Article Do you screen for viruses, SPAM and malicious file types?
We make use of anti-virus and anti-spam software to control the amount of malicious and distasteful e-mail coming to your inbox. We make all...
Views: 1041

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