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We make use of anti-virus and anti-spam software to control the amount of malicious and distasteful e-mail coming to your inbox.

We make all reasonable attempts to control viruses by employing hourly updated virus scanners. However, we can never guarantee viruses still will not pass through our system to your inbox, especially those which have been just released and no virus updated has been released for, so we HIGHLY recommend you purchase a virus scanner for your desktop and keep it regularly updated. Grisoft AVG ( has one of the most accurate virus scanners available and is free to the public. 

We also use blacklists, some content filtering, and an integrated bayesian filtering system to help identify spam.  The combination of spam protection removes a large number of spam mail to your inbox. However, like viruses, spammers are constantly inventing ways to get around spam filtering and we cannot guarantee spam will be completely eliminated.

We also restrict messages with attachments with extensions .com, .exe, .scr, .bat, .vbs, and .pif to help reduce the effect of viruses coming to your inbox, in addition to virus filtering. If you need to send/receive a file with one of these extensions, you can zip it up and it should go through. Again, we cannot guarantee this will be 100% effective, so please ensure you are running virus software on your desktop and always keep it updated.

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