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Article Dangerous Attachments
The following file-types (email attachments) in this extension list are being blocked for...
Views: 2156
Article Do you screen for viruses, SPAM and malicious file types?
We make use of anti-virus and anti-spam software to control the amount of malicious and...
Views: 1065
Article How do I report SPAM?
Plutus Hosting uses a blacklisting service to filter unsolicited e-mail, known as SpamCop. This...
Views: 4964
Article I cannot download or send e-mail!
If you are having problems downloading e-mail, check the following: Log into your e-mail account...
Views: 864
Article I cannot send or receive email from my email client
1. First make sure that you can ping the pop3/smtp server. See the following KB article for...
Views: 1029
Article I get a connection failure when trying to download or send e-mail
When you try to download e-mail into your mail client, such as Outlook, Netscape, or Eudora, you...
Views: 841
Article Spam and Virus Protection
We have recently started to implement a new Anti-spam control system on our Linux hosting...
Views: 1010
Article What can I do to reduce the amount of spam I get?
Spam is unsolicited, unwanted mail sent to your mailbox. Spammers use many sneaky tactics to...
Views: 880
Article What is a Catch All account?
A Catch All account is a default mailbox where all mail that isn't destined for a specific...
Views: 923
Article What is an Auto Responder?
An auto responder is an automated reply to an incoming e-mail.  Thus, if you configure an auto...
Views: 1246
Article What is SPAM?
Spam is a generic term that refers to the act of indiscriminately sending unsolicited, unwanted,...
Views: 892
Article You are receiving duplicate e-mails
This problem normally happens with Outlook users. Interruptions in the download process cause...
Views: 813

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