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Traffic on the Internet flows via a series of IP addresses, as a result all of our hosting accounts have an IP address associated with them. As a web hosting company, the expected purpose of the service we provide is for web hosting content, which is typically done through a domain name. You as the customer are expected to access, distribute, and/or advertise your hosting content via domain name. You are also expected to utilize the nameservers given to you when you initially set up your hosting plan or package with us. The nameservers tell Internet visitors what IP address your domain name resolves to.

The IP address of your hosting account may change with or without warning, this may be due to an account migration or other activity or purpose. As long as the user follows the expectations in terms of using a domain name and using our nameservers, this change of an IP address should be mostly transparent to you.

Dedicated or unique IP addresses refer to the non-sharing of that IP address with any other account on the shared hosting server. Dedicated IP addresses may only be in conjunction with secure SSL certificates. The secure HTTP protocol requires a unique IP address for each virtualhost (shared hosting account) on a server. If you require a secure certificate on your hosting account you may purchase a dedicated IP address for your account for the secure certificate. The fee for a dedicated IP address will be determined by our customer service staff. Using a dedicated IP address for any other purpose other than a secure certificate may result in the loss of the dedicated and unique IP address.

Dedicated IP addresses or unique IP addresses are not the same as static IP addresses. A static IP address implies that it never changes and remains static. This is not necessarily true of a dedicated IP address or unique IP address or, for that matter, any IP address associated with our server. In the event of an account migration, server migration, server upgrade, or other event your IP address may change. If you had a dedicated or unique IP address prior and your account continues to meet the requirements necessary for a dedicated IP address, then you will continue to have a dedicated, unique, or otherwise non-shared IP address, but the actual IP address may change.

Plutus™ Internet Services Pty (Ltd.) maintains control and any ownership of IP addresses on any of their servers. IP addresses cannot be transferred to any server or other hosting provider. User makes no claim to the ownership of a specific IP address.